About Us

Mission Statement

The Way Home joins the movement to end street sweeps, get multiple locations sanctioned for sheltering with sanitation and services, and end homelessness in Lane County altogether. The Way Home launches and joins campaigns around specific issues, and develops and carries out actions to win the campaigns.  Coailition-building, and developing creative and effective strategies is how we organize.

As we gather power to win our campaigns, the Way Home provides direct service to people living outside. This includes providing food, clothing, other essentials, and human kindness.  In the events we organize, the free pantries we support and the mobile distribution we carry out, we ask people what they need, and then follow through.

We are a crossover group, housed-unhoused, that is on the ground gathering information, building relationships, and working to end the ugliness of life on the street.  We aim to get people into safe, quality housing and stable community.  The needs, ideas, and participation of unhoused people guide our work.

The Way Home is a connective organization that links different faith communities, non-profits, neighborhood alliances, and other groups that share our goals.  By encouraging mutual support and bringing diverse groups together in collaboration, we harness the power of many voices, angles, tactics, and actively build an ever more powerful coalition.  Our goal is not to control, but to enable, support, coordinate, and build enough power to win.