Breakfast Service

At the center of our work is our breakfast service every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The breakfast is at 9 A.M. until 10 A.M. at 5th Ave. and Washington St. underneath the bridge. Rain or shine!

This is the breakfast service in action. It includes a sack lunch, a hot meal, and a coffee station that serves 80-100 people on average.
This is Charley the founder of the breakfast project and the fearless leader.
We are grateful for Jan who cooks, drives, works the line, and helps lead the way.

We need volunteers to help on the line. Show up anytime [Wed-Sat 9-10 A.M.] and ask for Brother Charley. We also need people with vehicles to take packaged food to the 13th and Chambers camp and other locations where people are in need.

Heart of Marcola

Ellen and her team of volunteers help out by making 200 sandwiches and 100 portions of buttered bread for our service every Friday.  We’re grateful to her for helping ease the load. Heart of Marcola also organizes free meals in Marcola.  They take place every Monday and Thursday from 9-10am next to the post office.

Ellen joins us every Friday.
Sanctioned Encampments

We fought to get Washington Jefferson Park and the camp at 13th and Chambers St. sanctioned. Now we are working with the city to open many new sites with trash, sanitation, water and the other necessities. We are also working to create self-leadership in the encampments to enable the residents to manage their communities their own way.

Secure Storage Barrels

One of the biggest complaints we hear from people living outside is that their stuff is constantly getting stolen.  In response, we’ve launched a project to retrofit 55 gallon food-grade steel barrels with a lock.  They become weatherproof, secure storage that is hard to run off with.

After testing one out with our friend Roxanne, we’ve made our first large batch of storage barrels and delivered them to 13th and Chambers.  With our van Big Blue and Bruce’s trailer we can make and transport 12 finished, locking storage barrels in one go.

Thanks to Hummingbird for donating the barrels. 

Solar Charging Stations

The sanctioned encampments at Washington-Jefferson and 13th and Chambers do not yet cover all of the basics. People need a place to charge their devices, and they desperately need access to showers. We are working on it! We are looking to take peoples devices home to charge, having a mobile charging station available at the camps, or having a permanent charging station that is managed by the camp.

Partnership with Reality Kitchen

The team at Reality Kitchen makes fresh soup, breads, and sandwiches for us to distribute.  Having their nutritious homemade meals to give out brings a ray of sunshine to the lives of people who are struggling.  We’re working on increasing the volume and frequency of our mobile food distributions with them.

1223 Washington St.

We support Brother Charley and the other residents at 1223 Washington St. which at any moment has 5 or so residents who were previously homeless. The house is owned by one of our board members, Wayne Martin. Who together with Charley run the community house as a model of how to get people off the street.

Sandwich Project

People on the street are used to getting stale bread with expired PB&J. Sandwiches are the easiest to distribute. Slip one in your pocket for later, no utensils needed, the logistics are good. We have a team of more than 20 sandwich makers who buy high-quality bread and ingredients, double stuff the sandwiches, and make the egg salad from scratch. We can ease the pain of the hungry, and more than that, show people that we care through the delicious homemade character of these lunches. Get in touch if you think you can make a great sandwich!

Hosting Project

We have a vision to offer home and business owners a slew of benefits in exchange for allowing an unhoused person to safely live on their property. This can be as simple as allowing someone to camp on their swale to giving them a shed or trailer to make into their home.

Big Jar Candles in Partnership with Temple Beth Israel

During the cold and rain season we partner with the Tikkun Olam committee at Temple Beth Israel to produce a large number of candles which burn for 72+ hours. We distribute the candles to people living in tents. One candle burning through the night keeps a tent dry and warm.